Steer with your eyes

This activity explains a couple of techniques that you can practice from the passenger seat to help you learn to steer the car around a curve when you do get behind the wheel.

Activity: Steer with your eyes

  • Watch the steering wheel when the driver goes around a corner or curve – you’ll notice steering is applied, stays on for a short time with some adjustment and is then taken off.
  • Pay close attention to the moment where steering is taken off. This is the part where the car is leaving, or exiting, the curve – the ‘exit path’.
  • As the driver approaches corners or curves, imagine the exit path before the driver starts to steer and see if your imaginary exit path matches theirs. Practise this a number of times.
  • Next time the driver approaches corners or curves, look to your exit path and keep looking at it. In your mind, think back from the exit path to where you are now - steer to the exit path when the driver begins to steer.

Learning to look to where you want to go will help you when you get behind the wheel.

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