Reduce P-plate risk

There is much you can do to manage the risks your new P-plate driver faces once they've passed their driving test.

Good preparation is the key. The more you can make driving on Ls be like driving on Ps, the less dramatic – and therefore less risky – the transition to P-plates will be. As your learner driver gets nearer to Ps, gradually make driving more like the situations they will experience when they drive on their own or with their friends – the more typical it is of P-plate driving, the better.

Here are some ideas for creating P-plate situations:

P plate reality Simulation ideas
Go when and where they'll go Ask them when and where they'll go and give it a go
Get distracted How do they respond to friends, phones ringing, MP3s, CDs, food...?
Feel the pressure Ask what friends might say to them and say it. What then happens?
Have fun, feel good What's their idea of fun? How do they manage the situation?
Feel in a hurry Let them hurry if they feel the need. Can they see the effect?
Feel annoyed or frustrated Let them react. Do they manage unhelpful thoughts and feelings?
Be free Say “Grab the keys, I'll come too, but you pay for the petrol!”

Stay involved

P-plater crash avoidance tactics

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