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This page offers a concise summary of the challenge you’ve accepted and an approach to meeting it.

As soon as drivers move from Ls to Ps their risk of being in a crash jumps dramatically and stays very high for about six months. This is largely due to the abrupt change in circumstances – from being closely supervised on Ls and told what to do, to driving unsupervised on Ps.

Your challenge when preparing your learner for P-plate driving is to avoid saying “Do as I say” and instead to help your learner Find Their Own Way by encouraging them to become responsible for their own learning. On Ps they will have much to learn about the new circumstances without you alongside to help; they need to be good at learning on their own when they start their Ps.

As a caring supervisor, saying “Find Your Own Way” means that you let go of absolute control. That doesn’t mean you have to be out of control – you can still feel in control without being controlling.

You will have done a great job as a supervisor if you've helped your learner driver get lots of diverse driving experience and at the end of it, they can say:

  • you were never bossy and it felt as if you were both learning together
  • you mostly asked questions to help them work out what was best
  • you rarely said ‘Do as I say’ but when you did they soon understood why it was important
  • you talked lots about driving situations you were in and what you both thought and felt about them
  • you listened closely to what they had to say

What would your learner driver say right now if you asked them? Go through the rest of the guide and try to implement some of the ideas before you ask them.

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