Plates Plus free lesson FAQs

Tasmanian Learners get two free lessons

Tasmania learner licence holders registering for the Keys2drive free lesson will also be able to register for a Plates Plus free lesson. The Plates Plus free lesson is funded by the Tasmanian Government.

What you get in the package:

  • 1 x 60-minute Keys2drive free lesson
  • 1 x 60-minute Plates Plus free driving lesson
Can I get the Plates Plus free lesson but not have a Keys2drive lesson?

No.  You must complete a Keys2drive free lesson first, before being eligible for the Plates Plus free lesson.  You can find your local Keys2drive Instructor here.

Why is the Tasmanian Government doing this?

An average of 48 young drivers and passengers die or are seriously injured on Tasmanian roads every year.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to improving the safety of young drivers.

That’s why they are strengthening Tasmania’s Graduated Licensing System. Young people will get more on-road driving experience and skills. This will keep new drivers and their passengers safer when they first get their Ps and start driving solo.

You can access more information regarding the changes to Tasmania’s Graduated Licensing System at

How do I get my free lesson?

When registering for the Keys2drive free lesson, Tasmanian learner licence holders will be given the option to opt-in for the Plates Plus free lesson.

From 1 December 2020, to receive the Plates Plus free driving lesson, you need to give permission for the following information to be provided to the Tasmanian Department of State Growth.

  • Learner permit number
  • Lesson date
  • Lesson location

If you do not give permission for these details to be provided to the Tasmanian Department of State Growth, you will be unable to access the Plates Plus free lesson. You will only be entitled to receive the 60-minute Keys2drive free lesson.

Are the two lessons the same?

No. The Keys2drive free lesson follows a set lesson plan which includes theory and a practical drive.  Your supervising driver (usually mum or dad) must attend the Keys2drive free lesson. 

The Plates Plus free lesson does not follow a set lesson plan.  You can use this part of the lesson to work on anything you and your Instructor agree to.

Does my parent/supervisor have to come to both lessons?

No, but they can!  Your supervising driver is only required to attend the first 60-minute Keys2drive free lesson.  They must attend the lesson for both the theory and the practical drive.  It is up to your supervising driver if they wish to attend your Plates Plus free lesson or not.  They are more than welcome.

Do I have to take my two lessons together or can I do them at different times?

This one's up to you.  You may choose to book a 2-hour lesson with your Instructor that will encompass the 60-minute Keys2drive free lesson, followed by the 60-minute Plates Plus free lesson. 

OR, you might like to do the Keys2drive free lesson as soon as possible, then book your Plates Plus free lesson for a later date, kind of like a refresher lesson.

Can I do the first lesson with one Instructor and the second with a different instructor?

Most people prefer to take all their lessons (free or paid) with the same Instructor for consistency.  You may also find you build up a rapport with your Instructor.  However, if you want to use a different instructor for both lessons, you can.  The only requirement is that they are an accredited Keys2drive instructor.  An instructor who is not involved with the Keys2drive program is not able to give you the Plates Plus free lesson.

Does the free lesson expire?

There is a six-month expiry date on all free lesson IDs issued by Keys2drive, including the Plates Plus issued IDs.  But if you find your ID has expired, contact us via email or phone, and we can reinstate and extend your expiry date.

Phone: 1800 696 929 or 08 8202 4390 (Adelaide)

Does the Instructor have to be Keys2drive accredited?

Yes.  An instructor who is not involved with the Keys2drive program is not able to give you the Plates Plus free lesson.

 You can find your accredited local Keys2drive Instructor here.

What happens after the lesson?

After the Keys2drive free lesson, you and your supervisor will be sent an SMS for you to complete a short survey regarding your experience of the Keys2drive free lesson.

Then, about a month after your Keys2drive free lesson, you'll receive another SMS with a link to a short video regarding safer cars.

When you have received your Plates Plus free lesson, you will be sent another SMS with a short survey regarding your experience of the Plates Plus free lesson.  

Keys2drive is an Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor