Is there an age limit for Keys2drive?

Nope! As long as you're on your learners and haven't ever progressed past your Ls, you're eligible.


I'm swapping my international licence over to an Australian one, can I have a Keys2drive free lesson?

Unfortunately not. While we believe everyone would benefit from a Keys2drive lesson, currently only people who have never progressed past their Ls are eligible. 

The reason for this is that when you first transition from your Ls to your Ps your crash risk skyrockets to 20-30 times greater than on Ls for the first six months you're on your Ps. Keys2drive aims to hopefully change this by educating and empowering learners and their supervisors to learn and be taught differently. If you've driven solo previously you don't fall into this high-risk category (lucky you!).


Can I have a Keys2drive lesson without a supervisor?

No. It's a condition set by the Federal Government (who funds the program) that for every Keys2drive lesson the learner must bring a fully licensed supervisor with them for the entire one-hour lesson.

If you find out your supervisor cannot attend your booked Keys2drive lesson with you, you'll need to find another fully-licensed person to attend the lesson or contact your driving instructor directly to reschedule your lesson.

The Keys2drive lesson cannot go ahead without a supervisor. Click here to read more.


What's the difference between a driving instructor and a supervisor?

A driving instructor is an accredited professional who has been trained to teach people how to drive.

A supervisor is a person who teaches you to drive when you're not with a driving instructor.
This person needs to hold a full driver's licence (not their Ps) and doesn't have to be a parent - they can be a friend, partner, co-worker or even a mentor program employee or volunteer. As long as your chosen person can legally supervise a learner driver according to your state's licensing authority, they can be a supervisor for your Keys2drive lesson!


How do I register for my free Keys2drive lesson?

Register the details for you and your supervisor here.
You'll receive a text with an eight-digit Free Lesson ID (FLID) to your mobile straight away.

Next, you need to contact your chosen Keys2drive accredited driving instructor or their drive school directly to book your Keys2drive lesson. They'll ask for your FLID to confirm your booking.
Don't have an instructor in mind? Find a Keys2drive accredited instructor in your area.

Make sure you and your supervisor have your learner's permit and driver's licence cards with you for your lesson!


Why do I have to provide my supervisor's details when I register?

A condition of the free Keys2drive lesson is that the supervising driver attends the entire lesson.
The experience is not only directed at teaching you to be a safer solo driver but also towards coaching your supervising driver in new methods to guide you through this learning journey.

Click here to read why we may contact you or your supervisor.
Rest assured, Keys2drive does not pass on or sell details collected to third parties. You can read our Privacy Policy here.


How many logbook hours should I have before I complete the Keys2drive lesson?

The ideal timing for the Keys2drive free lesson is after you have done around 5-10 hours of practice. Don't let this deter you from booking a free lesson if you have already done more hours, because the lesson can be very valuable at any stage.

The Keys2drive free lesson has been designed to be delivered at any time during the learning-to-drive phase such as:

The Keys2drive free lesson can even be a very valuable lesson when you think you are ready to pass the test. At this stage, the driving instructor may use the Keys2drive P Plate ready indicator to help you and your supervisor assess whether you really are P-plate ready.


Is the Keys2drive lesson different from a 'normal' driving lesson?

It sure is. The Keys2drive lesson is a mix of theory and practical coaching for learners and their supervisors.
This entails a 20-30 minute discussion at the start of the lesson about learners' crash risk once they hit their Ps and how they can learn and be taught differently to change that. The second part of the one-hour lesson is the learner sitting in the driver's seat (with the driving instructor in the front passenger seat and the supervisor in the back seat) being coached by the driving instructor and putting those methods into practice.

Keys2drive aims to produce safer drivers by helping learners gain the mental skills they need to stay safe on the road once they're on their Ps as well as offering parents and supervisors tips, ideas and coaching support to guide their learners through the process of learning to drive.

The Keys2drive free lesson is not intended to replace normal driving lessons; rather, it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to become safer P-plate drivers.


What do I bring with me to my Keys2drive lesson?
  • Your supervisor
  • Learner drivers need to bring their learner’s permit/learner licence, and Free Lesson ID
  • Parents/supervisors must bring a current Australian full driver’s licence
  • It is best if the learner has around 10 hours of driving experience before attending the Keys2drive lesson.


How do I reschedule or cancel a booked lesson?

Contact your chosen driving instructor or driving school directly.

Keys2drive Admin can help you with any registration or general queries about the Keys2drive program, but since all lesson bookings are made through the driving instructor or their driving school, we don't have access to any of their booking systems.


I had to cancel my booked K2D lesson within 24 hours. How do I get a new Keys2drive Free Lesson ID (FLID)?

Contact Keys2drive Admin on 1800 696 929 or admin@keys2drive.com.au and we will be able to allocate a second FLID for you. You won't be able to re-register your details.

If you email us, please make sure to include your details so we can locate your learner profile.

  • Full name
  • Learner's permit/licence number
  • DOB
  • Mobile number

Please note, we can only provide learners with one additional FLID after the first FLID has been claimed due to short notice cancellation (we call this a No Show).

I've lost my FLID, how can I retrieve it?

Click here and enter your details. You'll receive an SMS with your FLID straight away.
If your FLID has expired, using this function will automatically reinstate it and extend the expiry for one month.

If your mobile number has changed since you registered or the system is unable to find you, please send us an email at admin@keys2drive.com.au with the details noted in the section above (How do I get a new FLID?) and we can manually retrieve your FLID for you.

Keys2drive is an Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor