City driving

Driving in inner-city areas can be stressful – there are more cars on the road, as well as pedestrians, bikes, delivery trucks, taxis and public transport.

Remember that your parent/supervisor is an invaluable resource – use their experience to help you come up with strategies for handling the extra pressures of inner-city driving.

Start with Tactics for tricky situations to help you plan your approach. We’ve put together some tips to keep in mind on city roads – as you get more experience, you’ll be able to add many more to the list.

  • Plan your route and mentally practise where you'll be going.

  • Ideally, peak hour should be avoided – if it’s not possible, prepare yourself to be patient.

  • Where possible, stick to one lane. It might seem like frequently changing lanes will get you there faster, the difference will be minimal, and you will increase your chance of a collision.

  • City driving is often busy and drivers can become impatient – don’t take it to heart if another driver becomes frustrated with you.

  • Similarly, if another driver or pedestrian makes a reckless move, stay calm. Notice what they did wrong and pat yourself on the back for how well you handled the situation.

  • Often city lanes will be designated for specific actions – such as ‘left turn only’. Keep looking well ahead to make sure you remain in the correct lane.

  • Making turns on city roads can be confusing; it’s important to get as much experience as possible with tricky turns, but if you’re not sure whether it’s safe or legal, continue driving straight and turn when you feel safe. 

  • Pay close attention to parking restrictions – parking inspectors in city areas are particularly efficient!

Understand the experience

After you've done some city driving, share your thoughts with your parent or supervisor. Talk about how well you think you went, how it affects you, and work out ways you can improve next time.

Keys2drive is an Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor