Are you visible?

Sometimes it’s hard for other drivers, riders, and pedestrians to see you – your car might be hidden behind an obstacle or not directly in their view.

This is not a good situation. To be safe, you have to notice when you could become invisible to others and try to make yourself more visible.

Activity: Are you visible?

  • Next time you practise being a hazard detector and using x-ray vision, look at drivers, riders, and pedestrians who are around your crash avoidance space, and alongside you.
  • Ask yourself, ‘Can I see their eyes?’ If you cannot see their eyes directly, or by looking in their mirrors, it’s likely they cannot see you - you’re invisible to them.
  • Sometimes you will be able to see another driver’s or rider’s eyes if they turn their head and look over their shoulder at you. You can see why it’s important to remember to look over your shoulder for other people when you drive.
  • Now, work out what you would need to do to become visible (for example, you might safely change your speed or move to another lane).

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